Do we have to complete a relationship course before getting married?

Couples education is not compulsory but advisable for committed couples to learn more about each other and their relationship.  This gives the couple an opportunity to discuss issues about beliefs, problem solving, communication styles, expectations and other many other areas that help a relationship to succeed.
I will be able to provide you with a list of courses available.


What are the legal requirements for a marriage to take place?

*You must be over the age of 18.  (If one in the couple is not yet 18, further investigation and legal requirements will be necessary to proceed.)
*Two people over the age of 18 must be present as witnesses.
*The Notice Of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM – Form 13)  must be appropriately completed, signed and witnessed and in the possession of the Celebrant no later that one month before the date of your marriage.  This form is valid for 18 months.  You can view this form on
I provide this form and will assist you with its completion.  Those from overseas need to have their signatures witnessed by an Australian Embassy Official, an Australian Consular Officer or a Notary Public. 
*An original birth certificate needs to be viewed by the Marriage Celebrant.  For those from overseas, a current Passport must be viewed.  If these cannot be produced, it is necessary to provide a signed Statutory Declaration.
*If you were previously married and are now divorced, legal documentation needs to be shown to the Celebrant.  If widowed, a Death Certificate needs to be presented.  All certificates are to be viewed only, not kept by the Celebrant. 


What are our legal requirements if one or both of us was born overseas?

*The above legal requirements still apply but the Notice of Intended Marriage Form must be witnessed by an Australian Embassy/Consular authorised staff member or a Notary Public of your country.


Does the ceremony have to strictly follow a given formula? 

Definitely not. You can add your own poems, songs, prayers, vows, etc. that makes your ceremony specific to you.  The Marriage Act is specific in its definition of a marriage and there are some legal words that must be said during the ceremony for it to be solemnized.  These will be strictly used in conjunction with your own additions.  I can provide you with samples of ceremonies and wedding vows.
The duration of a marriage ceremony is usually about 15 – 20 minutes. 
Your ceremony may be as small as the couple, 2 witnesses and the Celebrant or a larger one. 


If we want to renew our vows, do we need to provide any documentation?

No legal documentation is necessary for you to renew your vows.


What if the couple was disappointed with the service provided by the Celebrant.

If the Celebrant failed to provide a ceremony that was agreed upon by the couple and the Celebrant or if there were any breaches to the Code of Practice, the couple can submit a formal complaint to the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants.  The Code of Practice is strict in its terms and compliances and its mission statement is clear regarding Celebrants to act in fairness, confidentiality and professionalism. 


What exactly is included in the Celebrant’s fee?

The standard professional fee usually covers phone calls, meetings, travel, administration, certificates, rehearsals (if necessary) and the service.  The Celebrant may also provide a range of resources including a PA system, table, chair, accessories, etc.
For those requiring my service, I will be available at any time to discuss any issue with couples as they plan their ceremony.  I am willing to meet at the venue of your choice or you may prefer to come to my home office. 

The initial contact is to discuss the general requirements, arrangements and assist with any queries and to get to know one another.  You will not be obligated to continue with my service after this initial discussion.

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